About | 7 Company


Welcome to 7 Company.

7 Company is an online shop of hand drawn paper goods created by Rebeccah Silva. As a young child, Rebeccah loved to create, whether it was on a whiteboard or filling up pages of drawing pads. She has dabbled in many forms of creative expression, being a licensed cosmetologist, sewing her own clothes and textiles, interior decorating, drawing, painting, and DIY’s.

It wasn’t until a few years ago when she began the journey of hand lettering and painting cards and prints for her friends and family, that the dream of owning her own creative business was planted. Although it’s taken some time of self discovery, personal growth, and being encouraged by her friends, she is so excited to share what’s been cultivated over the last year. This is the first step toward her dream of a life creating with her hands and heart.

7 Company seeks to create beautiful, unique and relevant hand made products that can be shared, hung and admired in the “everyday” moments of life. Whether it’s through a handwritten letter to a friend, a beautiful print to be inspired by, or a calendar just to remember life's events, we hope you would know that you are loved, you have something uniquely to give and you are needed. Hope you enjoy what has been a blast to create.

7 Company is currently based out of Northern California.