Rachel Correll  | Owner

Rachel Correll | Owner

Ezer Productions was created in 2010, by Rachel Correll, who at the time, was discovering the beauty, solitude, and life given when working with your hands. Rachel had just graduated from college and was immersed in various design disciplines, trying to find her way to what really inspired her to create. She found a passion growing for more of the manual, handmade processes. In 2012, inspired to craft handmade Christmas gifts, she embarked upon hand-sewing a Dopp Kit with rich waxed canvas. The joy sparked!

Since then, Rachel has been honing her skill and product line, crafting an array of hard goods designed with wool, leather, and waxed canvas. In 2016, her husband, Jared, began helping with production. It has been a new adventure creating together! Rachel and Jared find deep joy in crafting something out of raw materials to benefit those who use them. It is a true gift!


“Our lives are unique stones in the mosaic of human existence -- priceless and irreplaceable.”


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Ezer Productions seeks to uphold and be guided by the following values.

Authentic—Goods crafted with humility, void of pretense, are the type we love crafting. We source local and US made materials.

Thoughtful—Each product is tenaciously designed to blend form with function to be used practically and enjoyably.

Sterling—We use excellent materials to ensure that these goods will withstand a life-well lived.

Adventurous—The hope of traveling the world and being with those who are loved and cherished is in each stitch and rivet.

Rachel & Jared Correll

Rachel & Jared Correll

Reverent—Generous stewardship matters. We desire to not only create something that can be used for a life-time, reducing waste, but to also impact the communities and world around us. We believe that caring for others is a way to truer life. That is why we partner with local and global organizations that champion the dignity each one of us have, extending a loving hand to those in need.